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A completely brand new VTL language enriched with new trading functions from the charts. There are two types of languages in VTL:

VertexFX Trading Language (VTL)

This is the soul of the scripting language in VertexFX. It is a procedural programming language that was developed specifically to serve traders, strategy makers and Technical Analysts (TA). VTL is a powerful and versatile programming language for traders.

The language provides the framework required to build sophisticated trading programs as Expert Advisers (EA), Auto Traders, Robots, Alerts, and Custom Indicators.

It is supported by a user friendly Editor for its both Server Side VTL where script is hosted at the VertexFX Server and Client Side VTL where Script is running at the client terminal itself. A free community forum is available to deliver enough development support for VTL.

VTL offers great advanced features that represent the future of trading and start the new generation of online trading systems, VertexFX has penetrated the trading world by its advanced scripting language VTL.

VTL Server Language

Full Object Oriented semi VB.NET environment, which you can host your scripts in the server with no need to keep your terminal running all the time. Unlike other platforms, no need for a third party to host your scripts as all of what code can easily be hosted on the server.

VTL Client Language

Expert Traders still can use the traditional way by writing VTL Client code for trading, chart alerts and GUI interface functions with VB Script similarity code.