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VertexFX Transparent Trading

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VertexFX has earned much recognition over the years from the Forex industry and we are always honoured to receive such positive independent verification of our services. We are always looking to improve our customers, and traders, experiences and we always listen to our customers and we take their comments seriously.

Our Technology, ahead

VertexFX has always been in the lead and we want to remain so. All the features included in our software are well researched and studied to ensure they genuinely are the best.

VertexFX Transparent Trading

Below are some more explanations about one of the general competitive features of VertexFX Trader, which is its high level of transparency in trading .

VertexFX is classified as one of the most transparent trading systems where a client can trade easily and transparently with his dealing room, without the fear of any non-transparent actions. VertexFX development policy is running to fulfill the international Financial Authorities requirements as FSA and NFA. Before the development of any new option in VertexFX, there is a thorough inspection and revision by our development management team to those regulation authorities’ documentations in order to be approved, before progressing with the development of this new option.

Forex Online Trading is very sensitive business. Due to this sensitivity, we took seriously the development mission for VertexFX Trader to be a transparent one. If a new option is planned to be developed, it gets reviewed carefully and finally developed, only if it’s not affecting the transparent relation between the Trader and the Dealing room BackOffice. However, taking transparency into consideration during the development process, does not mean losing control from the BackOffice side. Many examples can be mentioned, and below you can see some of them:

Disconnecting a Trader from the Server

Sometimes dealers ask how may I disconnect a client from trading? If the system allows disconnecting this client this means preventing him from trading. If that was made on purpose, then a message should be displayed to the trader that this was made on purpose by the dealing room and he should contact his dealer to know why. This is the fair relation between both parties according to the FSA regulations. That’s what VertexFX does. It does not allow disconnecting a client without informing him. (this is excluding the technical networking problems that may take place at the client or server side which may disconnect him accidentally)

Quote Generation

Instruments’ quotes are international data and are not allowed to be generated by VertexFX Trader after feeding the system by a certain data feed. One may ask what should I do if my system faced data feed disconnection and I need to change data manually to avoid the feed disconnection? We say VertexFX Trader allows multi data feed connection and the company should invest into getting more than one feed to avoid such a case and connect to the other feed in case if one feed faced some problems. Therefore, we do not allow generating or changing market watch data after feeding it from data feed source.

Charting Data Modifications

VertexFX is storing quotes that feed it into its charting system and do not allow modifying these data or deleting them.

Deleting An Account

VertexFX does not allow deleting accounts that have money transactions. Instead they can be moved to history server for history purposes.

System Company Renaming

VertexFX does not allow renaming the company name with which it was initially configured. If a company changes its name, a new system can be prepared for it, and the client need to re-install this new system. This way the client will clearly see the changes in the company’s name and wouldn’t face the situation of logging into his system and seeing a totally different company name on it.

The above points are some examples in addition to many others, that are already being taken into consideration during the development cycle and are continuously reviewed, in order to be transparent as much as possible.