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ISV Program

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partnership Program is a dedicated program for Software and IT companies that have the interest in developing Software applications using VertexFX API’s and development Toolkit.

ISV Program - Independent Software Vendor

Is a partnership Program dedicated to successful Software and IT companies that are seeking to develop software applications using VertexFX API’s and develop Toolkit.

We are looking to develop a long-term relationship, leading to new business opportunities.

Partnership Benefits:

ISV partner will gain the benefit from being supported by our technical team through our forum and through delivering an API development kit. A dedicated area at our vStore.co can be created for him for marketing and technical discussions and professional introducing for his product to VertexFX Network can be made.


VertexFX Currency Server API

  • Windows DLL API
  • Currency Server Integration With API Based feeds
  • Low Latency currency adapters programming
VertexFX Web Service

  • Mobile Trader Web Service
  • Web Market Watch Web Service
  • Market News & XML Web Service
VertexFX Backoffice API

  • Windows DLL API
  • Backoffice Integration Programming
  • Backoffice auto dealing Programming
VertexFX Client API

  • Windows DLL API
  • Expert trader auto trading programming
  • Client Terminal Customization and Integrations
There are hundreds of software ideas and VertexFX plugins can be developed and have the demand in the network:


Before you move on filling-up the registration form, please take a few minutes to download and read the ISV Terms. By continuing the registration, you agree to our ISV Terms
Project Details (To be able to provide the proper API, provide us in details with your project details).

**If you have your VertexFX license and want to run the developed plugins on your VertexFX server,
please manage to deliver the following information:
1- A subdomain pointed to your server IP.
2- SSL file for this subdomain usually will be with (*.pfx) extension with its password
to the following email: api@hybridsolutions.com