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Liquidity Providers Solution

VertexFX Platform is way ahead of expectations. Liquidity Providers can find their needs now in VertexFX Liquidity Provider Implementation and start targeting the VertexFX Brokers Network. The solution consists of:

Liquidity Providers Solution

VertexFX is a sophisticated online trading platform that allows liquidity providers to start targeting the VertexFX brokers’ network straightaway. All they need to do is to run VertexFX.

Liquidity providers and regulated brokers, who run VertexFX, can benefit from our free Vertex-to-Vertex Bridge. It enables them to offer their services to existing and potential clients who also run Vertex FX by linking easily and seamlessly.

Because brokers deal with the liquidity provider seamlessly via the ready Bridge, they have no need to develop any integration making it a simple and cost-effective solution.

Any VertexFX corporate can work in a Straight Through Processing (STP) model for one-to-one clearing at no risk, and to optimize the processing speed of transactions.

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Who can join?

A company or a bank can join our Liquidity Providers with the following situations:

Contact us at sales@hybridsolutions.com to get introduced to VertexFX Certified Liquidity Providers according to Hybrid Solutions’ standards. VertexFX Certified LP’s offers a Vertex-to-Vertex Bridging option for FREE. Or access vStore to experience all existing connections to VertexFX-certified Liquidity Providers and other third-party bridges with non-Vertex Liquidity Providers.