VertexFX Customers and Partners who purchased a full dedicated trading software can benefit from the White Label service by implementing it to their Brokers or Introducing Brokers (IB) as Subsystems with shared hosting and limited functionality through a leasing agreement. This is optionally shipped service with VertexFX trading platform. The IB clients will see their direct IB name and not the main system owner one, which gives privacy to this IB.

White Labeled IB can be implemented in different implementation scenarios and privileges, the main platform owner can decide what level he needs and do it from his side and all scenarios are part of the main System tree node and inside his own server, which means that he can see all the clients under the White Labeled subsystems:

White Label Deliverables

Whatever Main system owner has from the system VAD’s, they are delivered to his White labeled subsystems with the new Broker Contact info shown in the White label subsystem packages. These deliverables are at least:

  • Client Terminal.
  • Backoffice Terminal (with a privileges determined by the main system owner and white label provider).
  • Vertex-to-vertex Bridge.

Through the WL package, Brokers’ clients will trade directly with him, he will be able to create accounts, deposits, withdraw money, accept/reject quotes and perform all administrative operations that main system can do and according to the granted privileges, except the following ones:

  • White Labels cannot control Market in terms of opening or closing Market separately from his Market Maker. However, this option is on the system level which can be controlled by the full system owner.
  • Symbol filtering is controlled also from the full system owner, and WL cannot control it as well.
  • Server access.
  • Symbol Setting management.
  • General system configuration as “accept timer, Time of DEMO …etc”
  • White Label license is a leasing non-transferable license unlike main system ownership license that can be transferred, rented or resold to another party.

White Label Limitations

Concurrent users: Number of users who are concurrently logging on the system at a time, whether they are traders, offices or Dealers. Each trader, office or dealer is counted as ONE user.

  • White Label has a limit online user which is 50 online sessions at a time.
  • Full system can reach 100 or 200 or unlimited amount of concurrent users at the same time. This depends on the system edition that you have.

Control Limitations

White Label:

  • Has a limited control since you can not control Symbol Setting management like symbols’ color, pip location and symbol’s formula.
  • White Label cannot control the Market in terms of opening or closing Market separately from his Market Maker. However, this option is on the system level which can be controlled by the full system owner.
  • White Labels cannot control the Data Feed option, you will be connected to the main system Data Feed only.
  • You cannot edit the Feed Filtration option as White Labels are taking the price from system data feed as is, also you cannot create any formula using the excel sheet since System Owners may not use excel sheet filtration.
  • White Labels cannot access the system server.
  • White Labels cannot edit General system configuration as “accept timer, Time of DEMO …etc”

Full system:

  • You can control every thing, and you can change to any DDE feed you need, also you can get the price from your LP side.
  • You have full control for all system and all symbols options.
  • You can change the Auto Limit order as you want since it will not effect on the other White Labels.
  • You have the ability of accessing the system server to perform changes.
  1. See the difference between a White Label and a Dedicated system table of content.
  2. Read more about advanced White Labeling/IB Configuration.

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