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Be Aware About Trading with Market News | Hybrid Solutions

Be Aware About Trading with Market News | Hybrid Solutions

VertexFX is integrated with reliable and online news as a value added service. Once the customer has the news feed subscription through us, the service can be directly enabled for him. By Dealing Room BackOffice system, Market Maker can enable/disable news option to any tree node in his account structure ending with the client level.

You may develop your own Market News broadcaster using VertexFX News Server API to input your source of news to send the breaking news to your VertexFX Trader clients.

VertexFX News Server API is an ActiveX DLL Component Object Model (COM) control that is supported in more development environments. Our ActiveX control and sample applications plug into all popular development environments. When using VertexFX News Server API you can integrate an external news provider and fetch the news with your VertexFX terminals and to be reflected by any data changes in your system.

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PluginSky aspires to produce a serious and productive VertexFX Plugins using its internal full timer developers and big network of free lancers. Their vision that matches with their management capabilities are ready to deal with any Forex based and charting plugins and services idea in order to produce it alive at VertexFX Trader.

Below is the Market News Provider specialist, you may connect with them to develop the needed application or to reserve your own copy of Market News broadcaster.