System Deliverables of VertexFX Trader

Upon purchasing VertexFX Trader and one of its plans, you’ll receive following Items:

BackOffice System

This is the manager and dealing system, customizable in a very flexible manner according to a wide band of system privileges so that you can create your dealers according to their levels as your business requires. Managers, Moderators, dealers, chief dealers or customizable authority

Client System

This is distributed from your side to your Clients, Brokers or IB’s upon your configuration for them at the BackOffice side. You can create Offices, sub-offices in a multi-level behavior and add the clients under the required level, and then you can define a username and password to the required Tree node so that he can login and see his tree node and whatever is under

System API Kit

including Client API, Backoffice API, Currency Server API

WEB Based Market Watch

Get Live Ticker and Market Watch prices from your system

Server Applications

This is the server side system, which handles your transactions in the backend. It also contains a data feed for the system, you can use it or consider it as backup feed only for your primary feed (point 4). Server applications include the following

Gateway Server Application

History Server

That handles Charting history data

Currency Server

(DDE based) connected to the client DDE feed provider

XML Server

For mobile trader and web trader

SMS Central (Server)

Manages SMS