About Hybrid Solutions
FX Trading Software Company

Increasingly, financial trading is carried out online. So it’s crucial to have an experienced, trusted business partner who can supply sophisticated, comprehensive online trading tools.

FX trading software company

Hybrid Solutions is that partner

We have adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop our FOREX online trading platform, VertexFX.

VertexFX is a comprehensive platform with all its components for the Backoffice, Client trading stations and server sides intended for Market Makers, Clearing Houses, Brokerage Firms and Dealing Rooms.

We used more than ten different languages and tools to develop our trading front ends and communication content, and to deliver them as a single package called VertexFX Trader. The product guarantees flexibility, reliability, and security, and has shown excellent availability in all versions.

Our fast development and customization, provided with professionalism and support for trading systems, creates a solid ground for real partnerships that allow businesses to grow and prosper.

We’ve achieved a great deal since we were established in Jordan in 2002. Here are some of the highlights



we released UHA Trading – We released initially a management and alerting system to handle market maker Backoffice transactions.


we released an innovative new product under a new brand – VertexFX Trader. We developed this online trading system to serve the Backoffice, together with its clients and brokers.


just a year after VertexFX V.7’s release, we increased our market share due to the thousands of online traders who preferred using our client station. According to one client, “it is a real transparent trading station with the broker.”


with the release of version 8, VertexFX began to penetrate international markets. Its competitive new features included a news option, mobile and API versions, strategy scripting and SMS alerting.


new versions launched, including the new generation of the risk management bridge.
Support for FIX 4.2 launched which allowed users to perform automatic hedging with liquidity providers such as international banks, local stock and international exchanges.


Vertex FX 9.5 released. The new features were a big step forwards from the original VertexFX Trader technology. VertexFX 9.5 had around 37 new system component features from client terminal to dealing room, and the server structure.


VertexFX 10 was released with another huge technological leap forwards following intensive work to meet the plans, ideas and expectations of our clients, partners and traders. It had a completely new look and feel together with very powerful features, and a new advanced trade script language (VTL 10).


Hybrid Solutions won Excellence in FX Services Middle East at the IAIR Awards 2014, Hong Kong. This is the second year running that we have won an IAIR Award.

Hybrid Solutions will continue make sure we develop our trading platform in a way that is compatible to the versatile nature of our industry.