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About Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions is a group of companies, established in 2002, in Amman, Jordan, the headquarter and operational office where our dreams, ambitions, and hard work all united faithfully, recounting every step till 2005, when we released one of the most well-known trading platforms, which has grown to become the best online trading solution worldwide, VertexFX.

Our Mission

Take our solution. As we move to a new dimension in the trading market, we strive for sustainable and growth-oriented development. As the customer is our main focus, that has been our mission since the day we started, we put VertexFX Trader in the hands of our customers, we listen and we go creative with them, from the beginning to this day our road map was full of developments and version releases that we are proud of these tiny footsteps that took us to the top.

Our Vision

To create a revolutionary touch in the online trading software industry, by providing our customers and business partners with robust, extensible, and customizable multi-asset solutions in the market using the most advanced and reliable technology development tools and putting the platform on top.
Years Of Glory

CEO Word

We always adopt the latest and newest technologies in the market and keep pace with the traders, and our partner-brokers Hybrid Solutions was one of the first and leading software providers in the field of Foreign Exchange and Financial Derivatives to launch and offer the VertexFX Trader for the electronic trading world. Our mission at Hybrid Solutions is to deliver a complete all-in-one solution for our partner brokers and let them focus on onboarding their clients of traders, IBs, and White Labels smoothly by offering the most advanced trading platform in the market. The VertexFX All-in-One Suite will save time and effort on all administrative work and will let them focus on their marketing for their own business. Traders are the backbone of any trading company. That’s why we at Hybrid Solutions have been listening closely to the trader’s needs and following all the latest market updates to enhance our trading solution to fulfill all the needs of all traders, IBs, and technical analysts by offering the most advanced and feature-equipped desktop and mobile of the VertexFX Trader.

Finally, we are glad to announce that we are expanding from our headquarters in Amman, Jordan, to the UAE, UK, India, Cyprus, and many more countries, aiming to become closer to our clients and make it easy and flexible for everyone to reach us.

Wishing our valued partners and customers all the success; our mission is to help you thrive with less hustle and less stress.

Our Team

Hybrid Solutions family in Amman, the operational office supports all the customer requirements in all sections, Technical Support team available 24/6, Development Team to assure the up to date Releases, Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Team walking the customer through his trip with VertexFX, we support our employees in growing their knowledge base and in improving their skills through a variety of training opportunities managed by exquisite leaders.

Adel Jibrin

Managing Partner and CEO

Akram Majed​


Hitesh Patel

Chief Technical Officer

Ahmad Khalil

Deputy CEO

Mohammad Rahhal

Head of Technical Support Team

Nadine Jarar

Head of Marketing Departmant

Rima Zurqan

Head of Hybrid Solutions Academy

Hassan Abu Krayem

Head of Development Team

Omar Hanash

Head of Projects and PR Department

Global Presence


United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates



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We’ve achieved a great deal since we were established in
Jordan in 2002. Here are some of the highlights


We released UHA Trading – We released initially a management and alerting system to handle market maker Backoffice transactions.


We released an innovative new product under a new brand – VertexFX Trader. We developed this online trading system to serve the Backoffice, together with its clients and brokers.


Just a year after VertexFX V.7’s release, we increased our market share due to the thousands of online traders who preferred using our client station. According to one client, “it is a real transparent trading station with the broker.”


With the release of version 8, VertexFX began to penetrate international markets. Its competitive new features included a news option, mobile and API versions, strategy scripting and SMS alerting.

2008 - Version 9 was launched

Version 9 was launched with new, advanced dealing capabilities and API development.
Bridging between VertexFX systems was now possible to achieve auto hedging and for reducing risks.
New modules including Smart Dealer System, Web trader and more were launched.

Best Forex Software Developers award

Hybrid Solutions won the Best Forex Software Developers award with VertexFX Trader at the Forex Expo Awards in Moscow.


New versions launched, including the new generation of the risk management bridge.
Support for FIX 4.2 launched which allowed users to perform automatic hedging with liquidity providers such as international banks, local stock and international exchanges.


VertexFX 9.5 released. The new features were a big step forwards from the original VertexFX Trader technology. VertexFX 9.5 had around 37 new system component features from client terminal to dealing room, and the server structure.


VertexFX 10 was released with another huge technological leap forwards following intensive work to meet the plans, ideas and expectations of our clients, partners and traders. It had a completely new look and feel together with very powerful features, and a new advanced trade script language (VTL 10).


Hybrid Solutions won Excellence in FX Services Middle East at the IAIR Awards 2014, Hong Kong. This is the second year running that we have won an IAIR Award.

Best Trading Platform for Forex Brokers Award

Hybrid Solutions won the Best Trading Platform for Forex Brokers Award at the Forex Expo Awards 2014, Moscow.

2015 - Best Turn-Key Auto Trading Platform Award

Hybrid Solutions won the Best Turn-Key Auto Trading Platform Award at the 10th Jordan Forex Expo.

2019 - Version 11 is Released

Adopting the latest technologies combined with intensive work, listening to the market needs and to meet the ideas and expectations of our clients, partners and traders. It is a new generation of trading systems equipped with Social trading, Binary options, with a single sign-in option and advanced server structure along with many powerful features.

2020 - VertexFX 11.1 New Version

VertexFX Enhanced Performance with many new features.

2021 - VertexFX Mobile Trader

Hybrid Solutions Launched VertexFX Mobile Trading Apps for iOS and Android.

2022-The Best FX Trading Platform in the MENA Region -Dubai
We are delighted to announce that VertexFX has won “The Best FX Trading Platform in the MENA Region”! Over the past two decades, Hybrid Solutions brand has evolved to become one of the world’s leading providers of online trading software used by brokerages globally.