Hybrid Solutions is glad to announce launching our brand new Native and built-in Mobile Trader offered in both IOS & Android within our Turn-key Trading platform VertexFX.

We have gladly finished re-developing our WEB Core that gives a higher level of security and performance to our Native modules such as our Web Trader & Mobile Trader that will be shipped within our System & White Label offerings from now on.

As announced early this year, VertexFX API will not be FREE for any upcoming system or White Label order, any customer who needs to Develop or Run Third-party plugin using the API needs to buy API Runtime License by $250/month. No changes on other Scripting API as VTL & VBL, they are 100% free.

ISVs who got our Full API kit needs yearly upon their ISV agreements to submit their progress reports for their achieved project and proof their added value to VertexFX to avoid being charged API developer kit fees.

We will stop offering third party APPs or services, and all clients who are interested to run third-party plugins or services need to contact Third-party provider directly. For all our customers who have Third-party Mobiles sold by us can either run our brand new Mobile Trader with the same price they have or they can move to its third party Provider and deal directly after buying VertexFX API License by $250/month.

For any more details please feel free to contact us by


phone: +44 20 7193 6008 ext: 140


Wish you all the best.