Finsysme White Label Provider

Finsysme White Label Provider

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A leading financial technology and brokerage business consultancy. We help you run your brokerage business in a successful way. FinSys is a leading financial technology solution provider and financial business management consultancy, we work with financial institutions such as brokerage firms, money managers, proprietary trading firms, banks, and financial exchanges.

Our clients come from multi-asset markets and mostly with multi- trading systems to execute trades, make markets or manage high-frequency trading needs. At FinSys, we help and effectively manage the entire technology infrastructure, trading applications, automation, integration of systems across front, middle and back-office operations.

FinSys managed services are a suite of consultancy and advisory support for the setup and expansion of brokerage business. We assist and manage our client’s needs for company incorporation, exchange memberships, sales and marketing, customer services, and liquidity network development.

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