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Bullion Trading

The bullion market is a great way to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals. It is getting popular for the fact that you can receive the traded instrument to be at your doorstep. VertexFX Platform allows you to access this market in addition to traditional Margin Trading.

Empower your bullion business with VertexFX trading platform

Hybrid Solutions has endeavored to set up a Bullion Market through the VertexFX platform to simplify bullion trading. VertexFX trading platform is considered one of the best bullion trading platforms that enables traders to perform regular trading journey along-side physical redemption. The simplified physical trading is commonly used on precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. It identifies problems encountered by different investors so that an effective solution can be provided and invariably contribute to the growth of the physical redemption volume in addition to promoting and saving.

Modules of bullion trading

Buy Fixing

Buy Fixing allows traders to fix the price of the commodity into one or multiple different items and shapes. And while the fixed price for the commodity is not subject to market movements, the client can store the fixed price order or request for redemption at anytime.

Buy Only

Like Buy Fixing, VertexFX Buy Only allows the trader to buy the commodity and hold the order conditioned by the market movement. Traders will still have the option to redeem or choose to sell back the holdings to the bullion dealer at current market price to book profit or cash back investment.

Buy & Redeem

Stay connected to the market via VertexFX platform and don’t miss any investment opportunity.

Book and redeem the commodities to your doorstep or pick them up whenever convenient.