Hybrid Solutions |  VertexFX Best Forex Turn-Key Auto Trading Platform

Put your brand in the spotlight and Maximise your Exposure. With your VertexFX Fully Branded Mobile Application, the award-winning online trading solution with state-of-the-art features and value-added services.

With VertexFX Mobile Trader, you have complete control over branded elements, ensuring your clients see your logo, contact details, and client feedback. This standalone mobile app provides a unique business experience, strengthening brand awareness and trust.

Here’s what you can expect from VertexFX Mobile Trader:

1. Standalone Mobile App: Your mobile application is independent, making it exclusively yours. Your app will be available for download on your own Google Play and Apple Store pages, showcasing your branding and contact details, along with the number of downloads.

2. Familiar Welcome: Let your traders recognize you instantly. We implement your brand guidelines in the application installer, desktop icon, splash screen, and login screen, ensuring a seamless and recognizable experience.

3. Embed Links: Drive traffic to your online resources by embedding external links within the platform. Help traders navigate to your client area, payments section, support pages, and more.

4. Email Notifications: Customize email notifications with your trade name, logo, website contact, and disclaimers. Every message sent to your clients will reinforce your brand identity and professionalism.

By utilizing the VertexFX Standalone Mobile Application, you gain several advantages that lead to increased brand visibility and customer loyalty:

• Empower Your Brand: Ensure your brand is visible at all times and across all sections of the trading platform.

• Build Trust: In still confidence in your clients by embedding your brand reputation throughout the platform, creating a trustworthy trading environment.

• Emphasize Ownership: Enjoy extensive coverage of your brand, demonstrating your full ownership and commitment to providing premium trading experience.

• Increase Client Retention: Associate the exceptional trading experience offered by VertexFX with your brand, fostering client loyalty and retention.

• Better Visibility: Enhance your discoverability on Google Play and Apple App Store, capturing the attention of potential traders searching for VertexFX.

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