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With VertexFX BackOffice-parameters feature, you can customize trading rules and regulations to manage your clients’ accounts more effectively. Learn how to tailor your service and ensure regulatory compliance.

As a brokerage, you need to have control over the trading activities of your clients, while also providing them with the flexibility they need to make their own decisions. With VertexFX BackOffice-parameters feature, you can achieve both of these objectives.

The BackOffice-parameters feature is a powerful tool that enables dealers to customize privileges and parameters according to their needs. Thanks to the Multi-Level Management and Tree Structure in the BackOffice, these privileges can be applied to a specific group of clients. This feature gives you the flexibility to set parameters that dictate how trades are executed, allowing you to manage your clients’ accounts more effectively.

The parameter feature allows you to set rules for things like trade execution, account management, and risk management. You can set minimum and maximum trade sizes, set stop loss and take profit levels. These parameters can be set at the individual client level, giving you greater control over your clients’ trading activities.

One of the key benefits of the BackOffice-parameters feature is that it allows you to provide a more personalized service to your clients. By setting parameters based on each client’s individual trading needs, you can tailor your service to meet their specific requirements. This can help to build trust and loyalty and encourage clients to stay with your brokerage over the long term.

In addition to the BackOffice-parameters feature, VertexFX also offers a range of other tools and features to help you manage your brokerage effectively. These include the BackOffice-Chatting Screen, Multi-Level Management feature, and a range of reporting and analysis tools.

BackOffice parameters can help you to manage your clients’ accounts more effectively, provide a more personalized service, and build trust and loyalty.

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