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  • April 20, 2023
  • amna hijjawi
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VertexFX Trader is a powerful and innovative trading platform that offers a range of advanced features that set it apart from other trading platforms. 

In this blog we will highlight some of these new features: 

Pending Order Execution 

VertexFX allows brokers to execute all pending orders with just one click. This feature is particularly useful for brokers who have a large number of pending orders to execute, as it saves them a lot of time and effort. With VertexFX, brokers can easily manage and execute their pending orders, which can help them improve their trading performance and increase their profits. 

Settlement (Rollover) 

VertexFX also offers an automated settlement (rollover) feature that allows brokers to settle on a weekly or monthly basis and apply updated stock prices. With VertexFX, brokers can automate the settlement process, which can save them a lot of time and reduce the risk of errors. 

Advanced Migrator 

If you are looking to switch to VertexFX from another trading platform, you will be pleased to know that VertexFX offers an advanced migrator feature. This feature makes it easy to onboard your clients correctly and efficiently, without any hassle. With VertexFX, you can easily transfer your data from your old trading platform to VertexFX, which can save you a lot of time and effort. 

Investors’ Password 

VertexFX also offers an investors’ password feature, which allows you to share access to your profile with limited/read-only privileges. This feature is particularly useful if you want to share your trading data with others but do not want them to make any changes to your profile. With VertexFX, you can give other traders access to view your trading account activity with limited access for trading and that can help protect your data and privacy.

Real-time Market Data for Indian Exchanges

VertexFX supports MCX, NSE, and other Indian exchanges like no other trading platform with the advanced real-time market watch. Brokers can access Indian/global markets and offer them to their clients easily through VertexFX which will Unlock their Brokerage’s Full Potential. 


In conclusion, VertexFX is a powerful and innovative trading platform that offers a range of advanced features and tools for brokers, traders, and investors. From pending order execution to advanced migratory, VertexFX has every trading and brokerage tool to expand your trading opportunity and risk management.