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Integration with FXCubic
  • January 12, 2023
  • amna hijjawi
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We are delighted to announce that we have completed a new integration with FXCubic. 

FXCubic, a leading connectivity technology provider for the FX industry based in London, has announced they have completed a new integration with Hybrid Solutions’ VertexFX Trader. 

FXCubic specializes in low-latency software, high-performance liquidity management systems, and risk intelligence solutions, with their bridge being at the forefront of the FX industry. FXCubic’s user-friendly and innovative liquidity technology allows brokers to easily configure the software from a single interface. Through this interface, a brokerage firm can access several user-friendly features that will optimize any broker’s time and resources. 

Adel Jibrin, the CEO and Managing Partner at Hybrid Solutions commented on the collaboration, “We believe that the partnership between FXCubic and Hybrid Solutions is a valuable asset to both companies, especially in current market conditions, where traders are seeking more investment possibilities. Siding with FXCubic is an additional step towards achieving our strategic goal of offering our clients the best and most reliable services. Their professionalism and valuable expertise will assist us in increasing VertexFX Brokers’ productivity and efficiency while also improving the overall trading experience of our clients. FXCubic is an authoritative partner that will support us in achieving our goals in this next stage of our group evolution.” 

FXCubic’s CEO, Ege Kozan, added: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Hybrid Solutions, as VertexFX is a leading trading platform. This mutually beneficial new integration will open up a new customer base for FXCubic and will give VertexFX’s clients the option of an innovative and sophisticated liquidity engine that not only provides access to some of the world’s most respected liquidity providers, but also helps optimize any broker’s time and resources.”