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  • November 15, 2022
  • amna hijjawi
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Hybrid Solutions the VertexFX Online Trading platform provider exhibited at the Jewellery Expo 2022 taking place in Dubai between the 1st and the 3rd of November 2022. The Jewellery Expo 2022 is Dubai’s largest in-person meeting of Global manufacturers, distributors, and sellers, of Gold, Diamonds, and all precious metals. During these days, we presented our latest developments and improvements on VertexFX Bullion trading.

Mr. Adel the CEO and Managing Partner as well as Mr. Akarm the Co-founder of Hybrid Solutions were present personally to showcase the turnkey solutions VertexFX Bullion trading. Accompanied by Hybrid Solutions team’s from Jordan and UAE offices, the event has been successful.

The event included a seminar that was conducted by Mr. Omar Hanash explaining “How can the VertexFX Bullion Solution Help grow your Business”. The VertexFX trading platform is one of the top bullion trading platforms, allowing traders to conduct regular trading in addition to physical redemption. VertexFX platform allows traders to explore many different options, including buy fixing, enabling them to lock the commodity’s prices into one or more different pieces and forms. While the commodity’s set price is not affected by market fluctuations, the buyer can retain the fixed-price transaction or request redemption at any moment. Not only that but with VertexFX Bullion trading you are presented with the opportunity to only buy as well. It allows the trader to buy the product and retain the order based on market movements.  Traders will still be able to reclaim their holdings or sell them back to the bullion broker at the current market value to earn a profit or cash out their investment.

The three days at the Jewellery Expo Dubai 2022 couldn’t have been better, with informative presentations and excellent connections. Our team displayed great effort to connect to the audience, making it an engaging and successful event.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank the organizers of the Jewellery Expo Dubai 2022, our hardworking team, and everyone who has visited.

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