• September 18, 2022
  • tarun@micropixel.co.in
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We are overjoyed to announce our new business development partnership in India “PheasanTech”.

This relationship was established as a result of our previous work together on several clients’ trading platforms, order packaging, and order delivery projects, which ultimately led to the long-term success of those initiatives, particularly in India.

The joint objective of PheasanTech and Hybrid Solutions is to develop, expand, and deliver the best solutions for their clients.

PheasanTech specialises in meeting the needs and demands of both new and seasoned FX and CFDs brokerage firms because of its unmatched abilities, experience, and knowledge.

Our core business is offering the most user-friendly trading platform to new and established FX and CFDs brokerages.

Many more elite partnerships will be announced soon. Thanks to iFX EXPO, and our current and future partners.