• August 5, 2020
  • tarun@micropixel.co.in
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Hybrid Solutions have always been keen on your business success because we consider your success ours.


We cherish our clients and their customers deeply, taking their comments and notes seriously to come out with better services for them and their clients, which shall help us all flourish.


We contemplate ourselves, our clients, and their customers as one entity, and our success is yours and vice versa.


Many years have passed since the first version of your favorite trading platform “VertexFX” was developed, during all this time we faced good times, hard times and setbacks, but with our loyal employees giving their best, and our loyal clients by our side we came through these hardships.


We have learned to follow the idea, not the man because the man can fail, be gone, and forgotten but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.


Our ideal is to get behind a strong idea which is “to make VertexFX better” for you and not tie its success to any personality and give the credit to our teamwork, immersive trading experience developed and distributed by a dedicated team.


We focus on our employees’ comfort because we believe human resources are paramount. Some sadly had decided to leave us by their choice, yet we will always stick to the idea, not the person, keep growing and evolving with you.


Hand in hand; our VertexFX Trader is reaching new altitudes.


VertexFX 11.1 is coming soon, stay tuned.