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Hybrid Solutions
  • July 22, 2020
  • amna hijjawi
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Dear VertexFX Users,

Businesses around the world feel the effects of cyber-attacks. In 2017, the global economy lost $600 billion as a result of cyber-crime. However, cyber-attacks go far beyond financial loss. Cyber-attacks can impact businesses’ finances, reputation, operations, valuation and staff. 

On the 15th of July, a number of CryptoCurrency-related accounts began tweeting on mainstream celebrity accounts.

That’s why the VertexFX Trading Platform has had a lot of security measures improved, including high-level data encryption and securing the server-side, ensuring safe data connections between the server and the end-user.

We always strive to update and develop our Trading Platform in line with global safety standards, which ensures the safety and continuity of our customers’ businesses.

Twitter breach ref link by Clicking Here.