• July 2, 2020
  • tarun@micropixel.co.in
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Dear Valued Customer/Partner,

We would like to emphasize our advice to stick in using VertexFX API especially the WCF part for internal server hosted integration jobs and not for distributable modules. Kindly refer to us if you do distribute any software that is connected to the VertexFX system through our WCF API.


It has been a while now since last time we authorized distributable software. Our main objective for the API/WCF usage is focusing mainly in third party integration jobs or building local modules that support dealing room works, we never supported distributable software before we frequently check in deep its code, this is of high risk and may disclose some critical system information to the public, it’s simply not highly secured and wasn’t built for that sake. Even our ISV terms state that.


We are enhancing our public API to match international high-security standards but this may take some time. Meanwhile, make sure you hide any software you made internally at your server and DO NOT distribute any API/WCF based software or allow it to the public, this is for your own system security sake.


This crisis is demonstrating that online capabilities are more critical than ever—and so is the high level of support you’ve come to expect from us.

For more details feel free to contact us at:

Email: Security@hybridsolutions.com 
Whatsapp: +971-506-405-190
Best Regards,

Hybrid Solutions Security Team